Do I have to be 'conscious' to come to Conscious Dating?

It's our approach that puts the conscious in Conscious Dating. Our events are the exact opposite of Tinder, online dating, and the 'meat market' that is standard speed-dating nights. Conscious Dating is about meeting people in real life, leaving your 'checklist' at the door and having real, engaged conversations. If this sounds appealing to you, then come along!

How many people will I meet at Conscious Dating?

We believe getting the right number of people is key... we don't want to create a 'singles barn', so our events are intimate, but not too small. You will meet roughly 10-16 people at a Conscious Dating night.

What age range attends Conscious Dating?

Our average age range is mid 20s-late 30s, however everyone is welcome! We don't put age ranges on our events, and we love that because we end up with a great mix of people. We also run 40+ events.

Is Conscious Dating just for 'yogis' or 'hippies'?

Conscious Dating nights are for everyone! We don't have any spiritual or religious aspects and our warm-up activities (whether it's a creative workshop, or meditation/yoga) are always taught at an open skill level. We attract a great mix of people, and it's a very down-to-earth event.

What happens at a Conscious Dating night?

We start the night with a fun group activity to shake off the nerves and get everyone feeling comfortable and relaxed. (This could be a guided meditation to live music, laughter yoga, creative drawing, etc). Then attendees get a chance to meet each other one-on-one, for our 'better conversation series'. Through conversation challenges and activities, we aim to bypass the small talk to get to the heart of what makes you both you!

How are the matches organised?

At the event you are given a card to note who you connected with or would like to see again. If you say yes to someone who also chose you, that's a match! After the event we notify you of your matches and their contact details so you can get in touch.

Will I be photographed at an event? Please explain your privacy procedures.

Your privacy is important to us. We only give out your contact details if you have agreed to have them shared and if you've ticked 'yes' to the person. We do take photos at events, but are careful to only use wide shots and blurred images without defining qualities. (Note that images on this site are promo images only, using models.) If you have concerns, please email us: