Conscious Dating Co. holds events for lovers of all ages and orientations.

If online dating sites and apps aren't your thing, you're over finding love at a bar or standard speed-dating nights feel soulless, come to an event! We're all about keeping it real, provoking thoughtful conversation and moving beyond surface-level introductions.

Conscious Dating nights kick off with a group activity (laughter yoga, music meditation, freestyle painting, life-drawing, etc) designed to shake off any nerves and kick-start the fun, before attendees split off into groups of two and rotate around, getting to know each other. You are given a card to note who you'd like to see again, and matches are emailed after the event. Simple! No cheesy one-liners or painstaking texts necessary.

We believe great connections come from getting to the heart of who we are as people, and we hope to facilitate that at our events! We have some fun challenges and conversation starters up our sleeve that will get you acquainted in no time. (For example, we always challenge you with 3 questions that you can't ask another person - be it what they do for work, how old they are, where they live, etc. We play '2 truths, 1 lie' and have chatterboxes to ask each other questions from. Anything to get you out of the normal small talk!)

You don't need to be a yogi or hippy to attend, the events are for anyone looking for a fun, mindful way to meet.  Natural wines, organic herbal teas and bliss balls are provided.